WordPress Real Estate Websites

All Real Estate websites have some common elements. Your needs as a broker or agent is different and that’s exactly what our goal is when you have us design a website for you. We will work closely with you to determine your goals and design a website that fits your marketing needs. In fact, we have a questionnaire that we like to have filled out or have a discussion over the phone with you so we can find out more about you and your business.

All websites include an IDX property search, a mobile property search, a Facebook property search for your friends, the ability to write articles about the real estate industry, your interests, your community and whatever other information you would like. Plus a whole host of other possibilities.

You will also get a Virtual Assistant that will keep your website up to date for you. You don’t have to learn a thing. We’ll do it all for you, all you need to do is provide us the information and we’ll get it online for you. And if the time ever comes where you want to take control and do your own updates, you’ll get the training you need to accomplish just that.

For Brokers

Responsive Theme: $595.00

Hosting: $50.00 month or $500 yr

For Agents

Responsive Theme: $ 395.00

Hosting: $40.00 month or $ 400 yr

All website design themes are a one-time fee.


Wordpress for Real Estate

Responsive Website Theme

ERA Signature Properties

Broker Website Theme

Duane Mathes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Agent Website Theme

With the monthly hosting fee you will receive one hour of support a month which could be used for posting your listings, formatting and publishing your articles and creating additional website pages. You’ll need to talk with us to get the specifics of what we can do within an hour’s time frame and the other plans we have and what costs, if any, are associated with our virtual assistant fees.

Before we get started designing your website, we will want to discuss with you the various goals you might have for your website and we’ll also take the time to get to know you better.

We’re going to talk about buyers personas, what your doing with social media, we’ll find out about your traditional marketing efforts (newsletters, advertising, business and personal networking, etc), and we’ll talk about what kind of strategy you might have for highlighting various communities, subdivisions, builders you might work closely with and more.

We’ll also provide you a weekly email that will give you a series of topic ideas for you to write articles about. The content will be up to you, but we’ll give you the spark of ideas and get it on the web for you.

And of course, if you ever want to take over the maintenance and upkeep of your website we’ll be more than happy to provide you the training you need, and the backup support in case something goes awry.

We do have some things we need to make sure is you know that are not included in our design fees.