Real Estate Blogging Disaster

real estate bloggingThere are many, many places that you can blog for free (or as I like to refer to it as writing articles to show just how smart you are so you can get more business), but it comes with a downside and it can hurt your business.

On February 15, free blogging platform Posterous says thanks, but goodbye. Posterous a popular free blogging platform whom once went after ActiveRain members when ActiveRain turned their free blog platform into a paid version a couple of years ago is now dissing members as well. In this case, Posterous was purchased by Twitter a year ago and is just simply calling it quits.

The point is simply this. It can hurt your business anytime you take advantage of the lure of free. The internet is full of free.

I won’t go into the search engine debate about how it can hurt your standing in search engines (assuming you worked on back links), or will cause those popular posts (articles) to suddenly disappear. The point is you shouldn’t be branding somewhere else than on your own website ( no matter what your told). Not all roads lead to Rome as they say.

There are strategies that an agent can use with free blogging platforms (and social media for that matter) to enhance their visibility, but free blogging platforms (or paid for that matter) can sometime end up hurting your efforts.


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Posted on by Rick Thomas