An Interview with Josh Altman – Multi-Million Dollar Producer

TheNicheReport magazine article for November 2011 features an interview with Josh Altman from Bravo TV’s ‘Million Dollar Listing.’ A light and entertaining read with several golden nuggets about real estate marketing.
Rick Roque the articles author starts out:

In my experience of working with sales professionals, loan officers and real estate agents are a dime a dozen. There are always excuses as to why deals don’t get done – the market, the borrower, the banks, underwriting conditions, state laws, technology, bad sales managers, companies don’t equip the loan officer with the right tools to be successful, etc…

With that introduction in mind, you might find the 10-minute read worth your time.
Some of the key take aways

  • I am a relationship builder most importantly
  • There are a lot of realtors who never go into the office, their half realtors
  • Call the other top agents in town, at 11:00pm, they won’t get a hold of them
  • The style doesn’t matter whether you’re kicking a 20 yard field goal or a 50 year field goal (sell a 50,000 home the same way you sell a $5m home)
  • We pride ourselves on being no bull**** agents, we have to tell them in some way or another so being straightforward is the best way
  • It’s more about picking up listings than what you do with the property you are listing
  • Social Media is key, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… I sold $20m last year where the buyer never saw the property
  • Your website is key, people go over what they see

You’ll need to read the entire article to see how Josh would find a buyer for a $20m home in an area where most homes are selling for half that price.

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